Bambuser’s Iris Platform consists of two products, Iris Flow and Iris Dev, which deliver mobile live video technology to various customers, across multiple industry sectors.

Iris Flow is a ready-to-go product suite comprising all of the tools required to flip the switch for live video broadcasting within an organization. The Iris Flow app is used for recording and broadcasting directly from your mobile device, and the Iris Content Dashboard is the centralized hub for viewing and managing all incoming streams and content. From there content can be saved and stored, downloaded for further editing, or published live or on demand to online platforms, apps, or social media.

Iris Dev is an advanced set of developer tools, designed to easily integrate real-time video and photo contribution capabilities within your native apps and online platforms. The Iris Dev SDKs and APIs can be used to aggregate user-generated content, which can then be published to various apps or platforms.

Target Industries and Verticals

The Iris Platform’s technology is robust and its products offer great versatility in their use cases, providing adept solutions for a number of problems faced by a wide array of stakeholders.

The customer focus for Iris surrounds a diverse range of businesses spanning across a number of industries and verticals. For these businesses and organizations, mobile live video is fast becoming a requirement and necessary tool for engaging in day to day business.

Mobile Platforms

Mobile platforms and the developer community are a core customer focus for the Iris Dev product. The Iris SDKs and APIs make it possible for such groups to easily integrate mobile live video capabilities into their existing native apps and online platforms. Developers can use Iris to create their own live video streaming platform, and enterprises creating mobile platforms can integrate mobile live video capabilities into their existing set-up as an additional feature and complementary element to their current offering.

Field Service Industry

The field service industry comprises any business or organization that has a large number of employees working out in the field as opposed to in a centralized location. Construction, security, and telecommunications organizations to name a few, are examples of prime candidates for the Iris Platform and its specialized solutions. With Iris Flow, live videos can be used to document and store project progress and workflows, complex problems and be solved quickly and easily by collaborating in real-time with senior members of staff in alternative locations and the Iris Dev solution facilitates customers self-serving through the use of user-generated content.

News and Media

The Iris Platform is a proven success story within the news media and broadcasting industry. The Iris Flow solution makes it feasible for such organizations to issue all of their reporters with a cost-effective method of capturing and broadcasting live video. Organizations can easily rollout Iris Flow across their entire workforce, and from there, they can instantly and effectively capture and stream live video content with the push of a button. The technology is accessible directly from the user’s mobile device, so there is no need for expensive hardware or recording equipment, reporters can effectively ‘go-live’ from anywhere in the world, and their content can be pushed to any native app or online platform for audiences to see. Also, the Iris Dev solution is widely used as a method of capturing live video user-generated content from audience members and app users across the globe.