The New Putney Debates - Land and Democracy


Occupy London will be celebrating the 365th year anniversary of the Putney Debates by holding a series of events inspired by the Levellers’ and Diggers’ demands for social justice, civil rights and equal access to the land.

Can we have a true democracy without a fair sharing of land? From the time of the Levellers, to the recent Occupy protests, this question has been at the heart of radical democratic thought and action. We will be discussing how a "modern enclosures movement" has led to the creeping confiscation of public land by private corporations in recent years, the consequences for people, animals and the planet, and what we can do about it. Come and discuss these issues with GEORGE MONBIOT, writer and campaigner, NATALIE BENNETT, Leader of the Green Party, MAX LAWSON, Head of Advocacy for Oxfam UK, and the 2012 Diggers from the Runnymede Ecovillage, at the historic site of the original Putney Debates in 1647.


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