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June 2023

New Update Driving 3.5x Higher Product CTR in Shoppable Video.

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One-to-Many, the industry-leading Social Video Commerce solution, releases groundbreaking update which empowers brands and retailers to amplify engagement and sales like never before.


For years, we have been dedicated to delivering innovative Video Commerce solutions that empower businesses to use visual storytelling to convert visitors into buyers. This has established us as the top choice for leading brands and retailers.

In our unwavering commitment to offer the best video technology, we collected extensive data and conducted user research to understand the evolving needs of merchants and shoppers.

These insights have further reinforced our belief in the power of Video Commerce and has enabled us to develop new features to generate even more customer interaction and sales. 

Keep reading to discover what’s new.


Three New Enhancements Boosting 
Product Interactions in Shoppable Video.


1. Optimized 
product placement

Bambuser data tells that 90% of all shoppers watch shoppable video on their mobile device. This is why the product displays have been redesigned with a mobile-first approach placement. The new appearance of the product displays is also now more prominent and intuitive by showing more detailed product information in the display area, improving the overall product engagement and conversion.



2. Easy product navigation

To increase product discovery, featured products are now always displayed in an infinite scroll view and in order as they are presented by the host. This makes it easier for shoppers to see what products have already been showcased and which ones are up next.


3. Fast forward to your favourite product

To optimize the viewing experience for shoppers watching shoppable video on-demand, the Bambuser Player now features the ability to jump to timestamps where a product is showcased by the host. This way, giving additional flexibility for the shopper to only watch the products they like.


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