Another Win for Mobile Live Video

Earlier this week at the INMA Global Media Awards in New York, the Swedish media group — and Iris Platform customers — MittMedia, took away the award for ‘Best Use of New Technology to Generate Revenue and Engage, for regional or local brands’.


MittMedia Award Live Video


We’ve spoken extensively in a previous blog post about the innovative work that the team at MittMedia are doing through their Live Video Hub initiative. So it’s no surprise that such acclaim should be bestowed upon the organization with this most recent award. They are revolutionizing the industry with their new approach to reporting the News.

MittMedia’s network of 550+ reporters across approximately 28 local newspapers are all armed with the Iris Flow mobile app, ready to capture breaking news when it happens and report it instantly to their audience. Given the incredibly fast-paced nature of the media industry, MittMedia has managed to formulate a successful process for integrating live video into their newsflow — with some help from the Iris Platform technology — which has pushed them far beyond their competitors.

The combination of hard work, an innovative way of thinking and successful integration and use of quality technology, has created MittMedia’s flexible, sustainable and scalable production processes, which facilitate the delivery of professional live video broadcasts to their audience. So congratulations MittMedia on this, and all of your recent achievements. We’re sure that there are many more awards like this set to come your way!

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