Latest Update Brings Interesting Improvements to the Iris Platform

By now, I’m sure many of you are familiar with the Iris Platform’s mobile live video technology.

Iris Flow is the turnkey mobile live video solution, within the Iris Platform product suite. This solution comprises the Iris Flow mobile app for capturing and streaming content and the browser-based Content Dashboard for managing and publishing all incoming content.

The Iris Dev solution is a set of developer tools including an advanced set of SDKs and APIs, designed to easily integrate real-time video and photo contribution capabilities within your native apps and online platforms.

The most recent update to both the Iris Flow app and the Iris Dev SDKs brings about an interesting development regarding the adaptive nature of our live video technology. Historically, we had approached adaptive quality by starting the stream at the lowest setting and working our way up higher and higher until we found a suitable maximum. The rationale behind this was to prioritize process flow over image quality, and then after a period of 30 seconds or so, the video quality stabilizes, ending up at the best possible outcome on the bandwidth available.

This approach worked for the majority of our customers, however, we found it wasn’t the optimal experience when shooting shorter clips, where a broadcast would start and finish before the video quality has time to balance out. This is why our tech team decided to revisit their strategy.

The logic within the latest update posits that by uploading a file to our video servers as soon as possible, we can use the result of that upload test as a qualified estimation for what quality level the broadcast should start at. So now, as a result of testing the bandwidth before the broadcast goes live, the opening few seconds of the video stream are of a higher quality than it would have been under our previous set up.

Here at the Iris Platform we are constantly making improvements to our existing technology and developing new and innovative features to enrich our product offering for our customers.

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