Intinor joins forces with Bambuser

The Swedish company Intinor, has recently signed a partnership agreement with Bambuser, the parent company of the Iris Platform. This collaboration will make it easier for Intinor’s customers to broadcast live video over the internet.


Intinor is a hardware company based in Umeå, Sweden, who provide high-quality video solutions for contribution purposes, as well as for distribution and web TV. The company is renowned for developing equipment to compress and broadcast high-quality video online. Intinor then sells or rents that equipment to customers, combined with batteries and transmitters, packaged together in a backpack. Their equipment has been used to broadcast global occurrences, everything from major sports and music events, to coverage of Parliamentary elections.

This partnership agreement will bring Intinor closer to fulfilling their intention of developing an own-branded live streaming app, based on the Iris Dev technology. In addition, they will also become a reseller of the Iris technology, offering its customers a direct link to the Iris Platform’s solution for easily implementing mobile live video capabilities into native apps and online platforms.

“Bambuser’s Iris platform is very stable and user-friendly. It perfectly complements our products”

— Roland Axelsson, CEO of Intinor

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