Mobile Live Video Solutions: Iris Dev Under the Microscope

As mentioned in our previous post, choosing business solutions to rollout within your organization will always be a challenging feat, just as choosing the right technology service is. In order to find the technology service that best meets your business needs, a lot of preparatory work is required. The aim is to source the best technology, that can be utilized easily and quickly, at the most reasonable price — Believe me, it’s not as easy as it sounds! So to continue with the second installment in which we dive into the world of the Iris Platform, we would now like to present Iris Dev.

Iris Dev is an advanced set of SDKs designed to easily integrate real-time video and photo contribution capabilities within native apps and online platforms. It provides industry-leading libraries, making it easy for developers to capture, encode and transmit low-latency live video from iOS and Android devices. This basically means that you can build your own version of Periscope or Facebook live and integrate those features within your native platforms. User-generated content is extremely popular at the moment, and many platforms are now using different forms of UGC features, boosting their content and user engagement, amongst other things.

The Iris Dev solution is everything needed to build world-class live video contribution into your apps. Its robust and bulletproof infrastructure allows you to reach an audience of any size, on devices around the world and the extensive APIs facilitate a comprehensive integration with and into other services. Its extensive in capability, yet easy to utilize, and offers a customizable feature set, keeping the product owners and developers in control. Iris Dev also provides a lightweight video player SDK which provides customized and worry-free playback of low-latency live video, as well as VOD in your app.

Iris Dev is perfect for companies who want a cost-effective solution with a fast turnaround, from the stage of purchase, to going live with a fully operational solution…. with the added bonus of not having to worry about stability, scaling or device fragmentation, while receiving reliable, low-latency, HD mobile video streaming.

Live video has really taken over in recent years, Tech Crunch has stated that it is now the baseline requirement for any video service, meaning more and more apps, websites and social networks will start to produce new live video services that will revolutionize the ways in which people consume and produce media, as well as communicate to one another. Mobile live video is here, and it’s here to stay. So if you’re not already onboard, you better do it quickly before you miss the boat!

Learn more about the key features, benefits and tech specs of Iris Dev on our website. If you’d like to try it out for yourself, get your FREE 30 day trial of Iris Dev here.

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