Latest Product Updates from Iris

This month sees the launch of many new features and updates across the Iris Platform. Here’s how we’ve improved our mobile live video solutions:

New Clip Extraction Tool:

Clip Extraction Tool

A clip extraction tool has been added to our Iris Flow product. The segment tool allows users to efficiently select specific segments within a captured video, and simply export and download those clips to your computer with just a few clicks. This material can then be used as is or processed further using post-production video editing software for additional distribution.

New Statistics Page:

Video Statistics

A Statistics page has now been added and is available to all customer team admins. The data displayed will differ depending on customer contracts (Flow/Dev). This tool will be beneficial for our customers, as the Statistics page is designed to visually show information such as storage usage and ingest hours for Flow teams and elements like viewing hrs and views for Dev teams. This gives the admins an overall picture of the amount of content their teams have produced over the last 30 days, meaning that they can actively monitor the team’s total usage and overall Iris activities.

New Version of SDI Program:

We’ve released an updated version of the SDI output program, with a handful of updates. A preview thumbnail can now be enabled to preview what the application is outputting. The buffering logic should now work better even if on a network further away from the servers hosting the content. Advanced controls have been added, for testing with custom buffering parameters, and a download test has been added, that allows testing the effective bandwidth available to our servers.