Meet the Team Behind Iris

In general, the rule of thumb is to imagine that behind every great product or service, there is an awesome team. Now, I can’t vouch for all companies, but that certainly is the case here at Bambuser. We have been a growing team with great talents since 2007 and as we’re expanding even further, we thought it would be good to tell you a little bit more about who we are and what we do.

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts: Collectively we are Bambuser – the company behind the Iris Platform – offering industry-leading mobile video technology for organizations and app developers. Our 20+ team makes up for all of the departments one would expect to encounter within any typical organization, such as Sales, Development, Design, Product, Marketing, and Management. Swedish is the nationality that comprises the majority of our employees, however, we also have a diverse mix of non-swedes, including a few Finnish, American, French, and Irish members of staff. According to Aristotle, “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts”, and we are living and breathing by that philosophy at Bambuser. Individually we are all creative and talented people within our respective fields, but together we are a super unit with a common goal, striving to make the Iris Platform bigger and better than it was last year, last month, last week, even yesterday! In being part of a high-performing team we understand the targets we are trying to reach, and objectives are just as important to one person as they are to the next. As Bill Gates once said, “teams should be able to act with the same unity of purpose and focus as a well-motivated individual”. – We’re trying our hardest, Bill!

Passionate about our technology: As a team, we are all passionate about the technology that we provide, and subsequently what that technology has to offer to the world. Mobile live video is fast becoming the benchmark for all video services, organizations and social media, facilitating highly engaging, cost-effective interaction with your audience. We know that the technology we offer through the Iris platform is best in class, guaranteed to provide our customers with reliable, low-latency, HD video streaming without having them having to worry about stability or scaling. This aligns perfectly with our vision to make mobile live video widely accessible to a greater number of people.

A global coverage: Our HQ is based in Stockholm, Sweden, but we also have offices in Finland, the US and the Czech Republic (with a few other representatives dotted elsewhere around Europe). We hope to expand on our office locations in the near future.

What next for 2017?: 2016 was an outstanding year for Bambuser. Amongst our many achievements, the launch of our second generation Iris Platform, having our project chosen by Google to receive money under the Digital News Initiative Innovation Fund, and our recent $1.5 m funding from investors — including that of world famous DJ, Avicii — are the icing (and the cherry) on the cake. We can only hope to leverage this year’s success and continue to push it onward and upward into the coming year. So what do we plan to do? Our fresh pot of funding has given us the opportunity to expand our team even further, scaling up our international sales team in order to reach new markets and geographical locations. With a large part of their efforts focusing on strengthening our European and North American customer base, our newly appointed sales team has both a challenging and interesting year ahead of them. We are also investing in our marketing department, with new hires and a healthy budget for 2017 marketing activities.


We’ve got really big plans for next year. Of course, we’re excited to get stuck in and see what the year ahead has in-store for us, and the Iris Platform… but for now, it’s time to kick back and revel in all of the festivities that the Christmas Season has to offer. After working hard all year now is the time to celebrate. So from all of us to all of you — we wish you a fantastic Christmas and prosperous New Year.