MojoCon ‘17: THE Mobile Journalism Conference of the Year

RTÉ Mojocon Ireland kicked off in Galway, Ireland, last week for its 3rd annual Mobile Journalism Conference.

After being held in Dublin the previous two years, this was the first time we saw the event shift location, moving to the glorious west of Ireland. Myself and my colleague Jakob were lucky enough to be exhibiting at the event with the Iris Platform, so we had the opportunity to spend three exciting days attending talks and workshops and meeting lots of people from the mojo community.

After getting a name for itself as the leading international conference for mobile journalism, mobile content creation, mobile photography and new technology, this year’s MojoCon event did not disappoint. In addition to the expert panel sessions, workshops and exhibits during the day, there were also separate fringe events held in the evenings and nights, including activities such as photo-walks, exhibitions, performances, and pub crawls through the picturesque streets of Galway.

Throughout the three day event, MojoCon showcased the pioneering work that is being executed today by media organizations, broadcasters, businesses and individuals around the world, while giving us a glimpse of what we can expect from the future of mobile journalism. From what we know ourselves about the industry, combined with the sentiment expressed time and time again during the conference, the potential encased within smart devices is finally starting to be realized, and these high-quality content creation and consumption tools are now at the forefront of a journalistic revolution. Mobile live video is well on its way to overtaking traditional means, especially in the realm of live content creation, storytelling and user-generated content. MojoCon Speaker, Judie Russell, founder of The Vidacademy concluded her segment on ‘The Future of Mobile Content Creation’ by stating that:

“Mobile content creation IS the future”.

Glen Mulcahy, RTÉ’s Head of Innovation and founder and organiser of MojoCon said it was his hope that the intimate surroundings and unique charm of Galway would help make this year’s conference another great success. And how right he was! Galway provided an atmospheric element which could not be replicated in the capital, or anywhere else for that matter.

For a not-for-profit event, self-funded by sponsorship and ticket sales, RTÉ’s MojoCon was a tour de force for all involved. We’re already looking forward to next year!

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