Revolutionizing the Security Industry with Mobile Live Video

Security professionals are constantly searching for ways to bring their organization into the digital era. With the introduction of security solutions like intelligent cameras and even robotics to replace the presence of traditional guards, there is a growing need to equip the guard industry with the necessary tools to compete with these emerging technologies.

Recently Amorah and Louis from the Iris Platform team sat down for an interview with Chuck Harold from Security Guy TV and Security Guy Radio, to discuss the benefits of using Iris technology to progress the digitalization of security organizations. The Iris Platform offers everything a security company would need to rollout mobile live video across their business. Discover how the Iris Platform can help you streamline daily processes, cut costs and safeguard your business with one easy-to-use solution.

Here are the top 5 benefits of using Iris’ mobile live video solution within the security industry:

  1. Use any iOS or Android device to capture and stream mobile live videos and pictures:

Guards can use anything from a standard smartphone to a durable rugged device to capture content while out on patrol. That content is then streamed back to a control center in the organization’s HQ. Here, supervisors can view all incoming live streams and images via a Content Dashboard, communicate in real-time with the guards in question and offer assistance if necessary. This captured content can be used as accurate daily activity reports (DARs) to document incidents or business as usual activities.

  1. Use video content to your advantage:

Using live video and video on demand (VOD) within your organization has unlimited benefits. Utilize it for tasks like basic communication and documentation, issuing remote sign-off and instructions from management, staff training, recording incidents and having proof of activity compliance. Also, all captured content is loaded with valuable metadata. This associated information contains such data as; the guard’s name, GPS location, time and date to name a few. This metadata is useful in many ways. For example, supervisors can track guard’s movements using the geolocate functionality, ensuring that guards are where they are supposed to be at any given time. With this approach, the process for documenting incidents is instantly simplified. Guards no longer need to rely on their memory alone to recall accurate accounts of incidents. The captured footage is instantly saved and stored for a multitude of purposes. Even when network connections are sub-par, a full HD version of the video will be stored to the device as you live stream to your HQ’s Content Dashboard. So no more ambiguity or need to decipher multiple witness accounts. This solution safeguards your employees and your business. The video serves as an unquestionable form of visual proof for clients and even as evidence in lawsuits, or quality assurance disputes.

  1. Cut costs and streamline your organization:

Using the Iris Platform, your organization can dramatically improve productivity and efficiency, cutting costs in the process. With our technology you can reduce the number of staff required out in the field, saving on everything from insurance costs to transport costs. Also through the use of our technology, the time required for administration activities can be significantly reduced and printing costs for written daily activity reports and other documentation could potentially be eliminated. Through the streamlining of activities, even the number of required staff could be reduced, saving on manpower and employment costs.

  1. Iris handles all of the complex video maintenance and infrastructure:

Mobile live video technology is complex, but Iris takes the pain out of the equation. The Iris Platform manages all of the perplexing backend infrastructure required for delivering scalable end-to-end live video technology. Also, all data is stored on our Amazon servers, so you don’t need to worry about storage. You can forget about things like transcoding, stability, scaling, device fragmentation, and network quality adaption. The Iris Platform handles all of these components and complexities, leaving our customers free to focus on other areas of their business.

  1. Advantages to Iris over other “free” communication services:

Many security companies are using services like Skype and FaceTime for communication purposes while out in the field. While this acts as a quick fix solving some problems for the staff, it creates bigger problems for the organization in the long run. One problem with using FaceTime, for example, is that it’s exclusively for Apple devices — so both parties must be using compatible Apple devices in order to use the service. However, the main issue here is that the communication conducted over these services is not recorded, and there is no metadata captured in the process. This effectively means that there is no record of this interaction whatsoever.

To hear more about how the Iris Platform can revolutionize the security industry, watch our interview from Security Guy TV: