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Live Video Shopping
is the future of retail

Reach a worldwide audience through interactive, live, shoppable videos on your website - the new way to engage Direct to Consumer



Proven results

Bambuser will increase your engagement, sales, and time-on-site. On average, retailers using Bambuser achieve an average engagement rate of 24% and conversion rate of 12.4%.

Optimise what you’ve already built

Reach existing and new audiences easily. With Bambuser you can simultaneously stream to multiple social media channels, including Facebook, YouTube, TikTok, LinkedIn and more. Or use pre-recorded videos from your archives and make them shoppable.

The quickest set up & integration

We like to keep things simple. Get your show set up in 5 minutes and start tagging shoppable URLs in your live shopping videos. Embed our video player onto your website in a few simple steps.

Collect immediate feedback through data

You keep ownership over all your customer data, unlike any on other platforms. You will own the look and feel of the experience, and we allow you to manage conversations, data and check-out yourself.

Monetize over time

With Bambuser all your videos can be continuously watchable and shoppable even after the live show ends. Our clients achieve 60% of their conversion through their recorded shows. Distribute across website PDP’s, in newsletters and on Social Media.

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Intimate One-to-One video calls

Or choose an intimate one customer, one sales agent video call
Our One-to-One solution is the best way to get personal with your consumers
Replicate what they love about physical retail, online. Meet your customers individually and in real time. Perfect for personal shopping, post sales services or personalized customer service
Live Video Shopping

How it works

Connect with thousands of customers through interactive, live shoppable events on your website.
Our solution offerings
An instant favorite with an arsenal of tools to customize your live shopping experience
  • Easy front-end integration
  • Digital first-line support
  • 5 users
  • Powered by Bambuser player
  • 1-stream concurrency
The ultimate Bambuser experience including all the advanced features
Everything in Lite +
  • Editing tool
  • External camera compatibility
  • First live show monitoring
  • Subtitle / Captions
Next-level ecommerce goals with state-of-the-art live video shopping
Everything in Standard +
  • Full theming
  • Dedicated Client Manager
  • Show monitoring
  • Unlimited users
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Live Video Shopping 
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