How Top Skincare Brand Aime Found the Right Formula with Video Commerce


Aime is a pioneering French nutricosmetic brand that is out to reinvent the concept of skincare based on the principle that taking care of your skin is taking care of yourself. Their holistic product offerings are aimed at creating a personalized beauty routine that combines skincare and food supplements.

Learn how they’re using video commerce to inspire and educate their customers, building strong relationships based on trust and providing engaging shopping experiences that drive sales.


Solution: Enter Video Commerce

In October 2021, Aime did their first live show with CEO and co-founder Mathilde Lacombe as the host. The interactive video was aimed at helping shoppers find their ideal skincare routine through shoppable content. Having seen positive engagement and sales figures from day one, Aime continued to host live shows periodically and also started creating short, engaging and educational clips to be placed on their social media platforms and their website.

Since then, Aime has been leveraging Bambuser’s One-to-Many solution to harness the power of social video commerce. They use it to produce and amplify ‘’How to’’ video content, creating personalized and engaging experiences through shoppable video, which remove their main obstacles to purchase. Through the power of video content, Aime’s shoppers can get all the information they need to make the best buying choices.

The brand’s video commerce strategy is driven by a cross-department collaboration effort. Mathilde Lacombe, CEO and co-founder, continues to act as video host often, while the marketing department plays a crucial role in coordinating the live video events. Additionally, their customer relationship management (CRM) and social media teams get busy promoting the live shows and pre-recorded videos, as well as monitoring the live chat during live streams.

Decisions around what content to produce are often informed by the brand’s product launch and marketing roadmap, ensuring that their video strategy remains aligned with broader strategic and marketing initiatives.

Aime found Bambuser’s pre-recorded video feature to be a true game-changer. The ability to re-purpose existing social media video content and make it shoppable on their website has become a real sales driver for the brand, while also enabling them to provide an engaging and consistent experience across different channels.

By leveraging the benefits of video commerce and what they describe as their ‘’real partnership’’ with the Bambuser support team, Aime empowers their customers to buy immediately on their e-commerce website while getting all the information they need to choose the products that suit them best.

The videos receive a lot of views proving that it’s useful for our customers to have more information or inspirational content.

— Mathilde Lacombe, CEO and Co-Founder, Aime


As they consolidated their position in the beauty industry with a different approach to skincare, Aime found had three main concerns: maintaining the special bond they had built with their community beyond social media, educating customers on their pioneering products as the first brand to launch beauty supplements in France and helping customers choose the right formulas and products for their individual skin concerns.

Aime approached the Bambuser video commerce platform as an opportunity to test the dynamic power of video as a community-building, educational and revenue-boosting tool - and it proved to be a great solution to address all their concerns.

Aime’s investment in video commerce was driven by their curiosity and their ‘’test and learn’’ mentality, as they recognized the need to adapt to their customers’ needs. Bambuser was exactly what Aime needed: a platform that would allow them to produce engaging and educational video content, and empower their customers to buy with confidence and absolute trust.

We’re particularly proud of the way we reuse our social media content on our website. It has proven to be very effective in terms of views, conversion and sales.

— Mathilde Lacombe, CEO and Co-Founder, Aime


Aime has been measuring the success of their shoppable videos by monitoring the number of sales and viewers, which have shown significant improvements since they partnered up with Bambuser. In particular, they have noticed that adding video content to their product listing pages has resulted in a significant number of views, which indicates that informational and inspirational videos are well received both by their customer base and potential buyers.

Bambuser’s video commerce platform also enabled Aime to reuse social media content on their website and make it shoppable. This approach proved highly effective in terms of views, conversion rates and sales, showcasing the value of repurposing content across different channels to maximize reach and revenue.

Aime’s ‘’test and learn’’ mindset along with Bambuser’s support and a video commerce strategy that is based on cross-team collaboration resulted in:

  • Enhanced customer engagement
  • Increased sales
  • Customer pain point reduction
  • Improved website metrics
  • Effective content amplification

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