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Swedish design meets live video shopping

Svenskt Tenn is one of Sweden’s most respected interior design brands. They’re known internationally for elegant, boldly patterned items that create a distinctly Swedish feeling. Christmas is a very important time for Svenskt Tenn, who every year produce a series of stylish, hand-made Christmas decorations focused around a theme. In 2020, COVID made it hard for Svenskt Tenn to hold their traditional Christmas launch event in-store. So, for the first time in Svenskt Tenn’s history, the Christmas opening took place online using Bambuser One-to-Many video shopping.

“We didn’t want to do a normal ‘live shopping event’, we wanted to do it more inspirational and out of a premium brand position.”

Thommy Bindefeld, Marketing & Creative Director, Svenskt Tenn

Live stream shopping adapts to any brand

The solution was a live evening launch from the Svenskt Tenn showroom in Stockholm. They held two shows: one in Swedish, one in English, both held in the Svenskt Tenn flagship store in Stockholm and produced with help from Bambuser. Viewers from around the world, including the US and Australia, tuned in to get their first glimpse of the Christmas 2020 line, including candle holders, garlands, table decorations, tree decorations, and much more.

“I think that the people watching got much more interested and inspired when we didn’t ‘tell them what to shop’.”

Thommy Bindefeld, Marketing & Creative Director, Svenskt Tenn

Swedish Modern love

Svenskt Tenn’s goal with the Christmas livestream launch was not to sell items: they chose not to highlight products with the Bambuser player. Instead, they focused on providing inspiration and context to the items in the collection. See the event for yourself here. Even so, on the day of the live-stream, Svenskt Tenn saw record profits from their e-commerce store. And while profits weren’t the motive behind the show, they were an added bonus.

“Live video shopping doesn’t have to be just one thing. ”

Jesper Harvey Tienvieri, Onboarding Specialist, Bambuser

The future is merry and bright

Were Svenskt Tenn satisfied with the results? “Definitely, out of many different perspectives,” says Thommy Bindefeld. “Both brand building, showing that a historical company can be in the forefront of doing digital events, but also commercial. We will continue and find new angles and new solutions, and I feel that Bambuser is open to test new ideas.”

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