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Player Integration with Native SDK for iOS


Bambuser Native player SDK packaged a fully native Live Video Shopping Player in a way that provides an easy way to integrate the player solution in your own apps and give your users remarkable performance in the Live Video Shopping experience.

Using the native player SDK, you can embed and run Bambuser Live Video Shopping streams on your native mobile apps. It lets your app visitors tune in, watch your shows, interact with the show, and check out promoted products within the stream.

Getting started

To get started, check out the Bambuser Native iOS Player SDK on GitHub.

The installation and usage guide, plus all necessary technical documentation, can be found on the GitHub repository's README.

Go to GitHub Repo



Set up and Use the iOS native player SDK

  • Minimal effort to be able to use the app in UIKit
  • Minimal effort to be able to use the app in SwiftUI

How does it look like?

The player SDK upgraded the UI of the player to version 2.0, which included the improvement in both UI, functionality, and user flow.

On iPhone

It currently only supports the portrait view.


On iPad

It supports both portrait and landscape views as below:


✅ Supported features

The native SDK comes with functionality to customize player behavior, control the UI, and handle events and user interactions. It gives you capabilities to do:

  • Picture-in-picture
  • Multiple-language
  • Engagement features like chat, likes and interact with products
  • A lite version of in player PDP or the event of opening your PDP
  • Event for handling your cart
  • Customized theming
  • Hide the UI elements
  • Configurable highlighted product UI
  • Conversion tracking
  • Tracking the behaviors of shoppers
  • Full PDP
  • Cart integration
  • Product listing
  • And more…

🛠️ Under development

Below you can see what we are currently working on adding to the SDK. We will always work on implementing new features, functions, and capabilities.

Next Release

  • Closed captions

Future Releases

  • Polls

If you need any of the unsupported features now, feel free to check out WebView integration. With Webview integration you can take advantage of almost all available features available on the web integration of the Bambuser Live Video Shopping player but on your native mobile app.

Highlighted options

Player Configurations

You can use a PlayerConfiguration to configure the player instance.
Read more here to learn about how to configure the player, UI overlays, event listeners, etc.

Handle Player Events

The player will emit PlayerEventInfo values to the event handler that you inject into the player configuration.
Read more here to learn about listening for events, extracting data, etc.


Bambuser Live Video Shopping Player supports native picture-in-picture (referred to as PiP in the text below).
Read more here to learn about manual and automatic PiP enabling, PiP restoration, etc.

Demo apps

The Demo folder contains a SwiftUI and a UIKit demo app. Have a look at these apps for examples on how to add a live shopping player to your app and configure it, handle PiP etc.