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Microsoft single sign-on integration guide

REQUIREMENT: Enterprise Azure Portal account

To enable this, you would have to communicate to Bambuser Staff to allow Microsoft SSO on your dashboard. You will have to provide them with:

  • Microsoft Tenant ID You will find that in your own Azure Active Directory, after installing the app by following the steps below.
  • How you'd like to manage user access Whether you'd want to manage user access from your own Active Directory, and not from the Bambuser dashboard or vice versa.

Installing the app

  • Install Bambuser Live Video Shopping app from Azure Marketplace. You should install this application for all users.

  • After installation, you will be able to find the application in the Azure Portal

  • All users in the Active Directory will also be able to find the Bambuser app (picture below)


  • Assign the admin roles, in Azure Portal, for the Bambuser Live shopping account.

User management

If you want to manage users from Active Directory instead of the Bambuser dashboard, you will have to communicate that to the Bambuser Staff, to enable that for your dashboard.

When that is enabled, trying to change roles of the users in the Bambuser dashboard will not work and will be overwritten by what you set in Active Directory when users log into the dashboard again.

Add roles to users

This section is based on the Azure UI, which is subject to change and out of Bambuser control. The Azures official documentation for doing this in general can be found here.

  1. Navigate to Enterprise Applications (can also be found by searching for it in the Azure Portal)


  2. Find the newly installed application called "Bambuser Live Shopping" in the list of applications.


  3. From the side menu, navigate to Users and Groups


  4. Press the plus ➕ sign next to Add user/group from the top navigation menu


  5. Under Users and Groups, select None selected


  6. A pane will be opened to the right. Here you can search for users you want to enable administrator rights to, in the Bambuser Dashboard.


  7. Choose the users you want and press the Select button at the bottom of the pane when you are done.

  8. Press None Selected under Select a role section


  9. A new pane with roles will open to the right. Chose the roles you want to give to selected users, and press Select at the bottom.


    List of roles

    If you are managing users directly though Active Directory, you will not be able to further modify permissions for a selected role.
  10. At the bottom left, press Assign

  11. These roles will be later assigned to the Bambuser users during login using MS SSO.