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Integrate the player on mobile apps


Bambuser offers two ways to bring the Live Vide Shopping experience to mobile apps.

  • Native Player SDKs
  • WebViews

1. Use Native Player SDKs


  • Easy and quick to embed and integrate
  • Native Performance
  • Picture-in-Picture capability


  • To get the new updates, a new app release is required
iOS project

Native SDK for iOS

HTML embed page

Native SDK for Android

2. Embed Web Player using WebView


  • Same player as in the web experience
  • The Player JavaScript API can be used for advanced integrations
  • Usually, there's no need for an app release to get new features


  • The Miniplayer feature is not supported on native apps
  • Not as good performance as in the native player SDK
iOS project

WebView Integration for iOS

HTML embed page

WebView Integration for Android

Options comparison

  • ✅ Ready
  • 🛠️ Under development
  • ❌ Not supported
FeatureWebview IntegrationNative SDKs
Engagement via chat & likes
Product highlights✅ One at a time
In-player PDP✅ Full PDP✅ Lite PDP
Event for opening app's PDP
Cart Integration🛠️
Handling player events
Toggle UI elements on/off
Tracking user-behavior
Customized theming
Conversion tracking