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Product import for multiple domains

Host the same show on multiple domains with localized products

This is an on-demand feature allowing merchants to host the same show on as many of their domains (markets) as they want and still have all of their users see localized products.

Enable product import for multiple markets

This feature allows you to add localized products from multiple markets. Based on the viewers' market, local products will be shown in the player.

  • Add multiple markets

    Under already added product, click on "Add URL for other market" option. Copy/Paste a URL for the same product with different domain/market.

  • Modify products info

    Hit the edit pen ✏️ button on for each domain to edit its information.


What do viewers see?

Based on the market a viewer is watching the show (e.g. only the local product (Product URLs with domain) are visible.


It is important that products are in different domains! ✅ ✅


If a product from a given domain/market is not found, it will default back to the main product (one that was specified first).