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Configure Displayed Services

In the Bambuser dashboard, you have the flexibility to configure multiple booking services.

This doc talks about how to customize which services are visible to your end-users when they interact with the call widget. By default, if you do not configure below, all services that are published in Bambuser dashboard will also be visible to the end users.

If you want to read more about how to configure multiple services, you can read more about it here.

Bambuser Dashboard Services Configuration Page

Call Widget

Manage Booking Services Visibility

There are two ways to achieve the following:

  1. Through Embed Options
  2. Through Query Parameters
Service ID

Your service ID can be found in Bambuser dashboard URL when clicking on a specific service[YOUR_ORG_ID]/one-to-one/call-booking-services/[SERVICE_ID]...

Configuring Options Within the Embed

Pass bookingServiceIds as an option when initiating the Call Widget

Example Code:

// Initialize the Bambuser One-to-One Embed with specific booking service IDs
let oneToOneEmbed = new BambuserOneToOneEmbed({
bookingServiceIds: ['<BAMBUSER_SERVICE_ID_1>', '<BAMBUSER_SERVICE_ID_2>']

Through Query Parameters

You can also dynamically specify the booking service IDs through query parameters. To use this method, make sure you have the Bambuser embed on the page that you are appending query parameters on.


Read more about how to configure Bambuser native booking solution here