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Connect External Chat

When a shopper drops in to a queue in the Call Widget they are provided with three alternatives for how they want to connect to the call. You have three choices regarding what happens when shopper has selected I prefer to chat option:

  1. Continue the call without video nor audio (default behaviour)
  2. Completely remove that button ( Contact Bambuser support)
  3. Open a chat service of your choice (Requires implementation)

This guide explains how you handle the third option in order to open your own chat service.

Handle Chat Event

Event name: goto-chat

The goto-chat event is automatically detected by the Call Widget if implemented and if the Prefer to chat option is selected by the shopper, the Call Widget will automatically close.

  • When the shopper clicks the Prefer to chat button after dropping in to a call.
// Inside onBambuserOneToOneReady method!
oneToOneEmbed.on('goto-chat', () => {
// Open the chat solution of choice here