How to configure an RTMP-input?

A popular way to create video content is to use third party software like Wirecast or OBS or with hardware like drones or action cameras. To enable this simply go to your Dashboard and create an RTMP input and use the generated url and keyvalues to set up an RTMP output in your preferred app. Some apps want you to use a concatenated RTMP URL. To make one, just merge the URL with the key value separated by a / like this:

url + / + key



where rtmp:// is your url value and 1234qwerty is your keyvalue.


There are only two hard things in Computer Science: cache invalidation and naming things.

We have decided to label our generated values url and key. Names for the same values in other services might be


  • server url
  • address


  • stream
  • stream name
  • stream key

The concept to set up RTMP streaming is more or less the same for all applications. Even though labels and and how the configuration setup looks like may vary.