How to use the Bambuser Dashboard?

The Bambuser Dashboard is the online platform where you can manage a Bambuser account, team, users and content.


When signing up for a Bambuser account a Bambuser team is created . The user signing up is automatically promoted as the team admin. A team consists of several users with different roles.

Team statistics

The team admin may follow up on some statistics to see how the team is performing.  You find your team account’s statistics in the dropdown with your name in the top right corner. The displayed stats are grouped based on currently selected environment.

Produced content

Here you will find the total number of broadcasts made, video hours recorded and images uploaded for the selected period of time.

stats on produced Bambuser content

Video delivery

Shows how much data was transferred to your viewers. You can also see the transfer on a daily basis.

Storage used

Here you will find how much storage you archived content occupied at most for the selected period of time. You can also see with how much it has changed on a daily basis.


The number of views reflects the number of times someone has started a broadcast. It does not mean the viewer watched the whole broadcast or that it has to be a unique viewer.

Viewing hours

Viewing hours tell you how much time was actually spent watching your videos.

1 viewer is watching a video for 1 hour = 1 viewing hour
60 viewers watch a video for 1 minute each = 1 viewing hour

Activity stream

The activity stream shows your team’s recent activities.

add and remove Bambuser group tags


A Bambuser user is anyone with a Bambuser account. An account may originate by a user signing up to Bambuser or by being invited to a team by another user. A user can always access the Bambuser Dashboard and use the Bambuser broadcasting App.

User roles

All Bambuser users can login to the Dashboard but may not access all parts of the page. There are three levels of users:

  • Reporters can contribute with content and change some aspects of their user profile
  • Moderators can also administrate users
  • Admins have full access

A user can be promoted and demoted at any time. The allowed levels depend on the editing user’s role. A moderator may not demote an admin and can not add users with higher level than a moderator.

Add a new user

Admins and Moderators can add new users. Follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Team tab in the navigation bar
  2. Click the “Add user” button to expand the add user form
  3. Insert name and email, choose the applicable role in the dropdown menu and click “Add user”
  4. Confirm that you are aware that adding the new user may apply extra charges. See the pricing for extra Bambuser app seats

An email is sent to the user including a link to change the randomly generated password.

add new Bambuser user

Remove a user

Admins and Moderators can remove users. Follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Team tab in the navigation bar
  2.  Hover over the user to be removed
  3. Click the “garbage bin” icon
  4. Confirm the action

If you want to remove several users at the same time. Mark the checkbox next to each user you want to remove, click the “Remove” button appearing at the table header and confirm the action.

Tip! You can mark/unmark all users at once by using the checkbox placed in the table header.

remove Bambuser users

Update a user profile

You can update your profile or ask a Moderator or Admin to help you.  If you have access to the Bambuser Team you can edit users inline by hovering the user you want to edit and click the “pencil” icon. Update the values which need to be altered and click on the green check button.
edit Bambuser user
edit Bambuser user form

Change password

All Bambuser users have a password to be used for logging in on either the Bambuser broadcaster app or the Bambuser dashboard.

To change the password, go to your profile page , click on “Change Password”, enter a new password which is at least 5 characters long and press Enter or click “Save”. If you want to see the password you typed simply click “Show”.

change password

Change username

To change your username go to your profile, click on the current username, change it and press Enter. If you can see the small “pencil” icon in the upper right corner you are allowed to alter the value.

Change role

To change a user’s role on a profile page simply click on the current role to open the dropdown and select the new role. If you can see the small “chevron” icon next to the current role you are allowed to alter the value.

Change email

Currently it is not possible to change a user email as the mail is used to identify a Bambuser user.

Find a user

If you have a big team with many users you can search for a specific user by typing either name, email or part thereof in the search field.

Bambuser user search


Bambuser is made by developers for developers which is why we strive to make integration of live video to your own project as simple as possible. We aim to get you started quickly by showing you different ways to start a live broadcast, watch it and integrate it to your own project using our APIs. On our developer page you find all the tools you need to build your own live streaming app etc.


To make it easier to separate your publicly available project with your tests we provide you with two environments, Production and Sandbox. To switch between the environments simply select the one to use in the dropdown in the navigation bar.

Bambuser environment selector

We suggest that when starting a trial and for your first implementation of a project you initially use applicationIds and API keys etc. for your Sandbox environment. When you are ready for launch you change them for new ids and keys produced in the Production environment.

Browser compatibility

Possible browser restrictions may apply for the Bambuser Dashboard to work as expected. We recommend to use an updated and modern browser:

  • Edge 16
  • Firefox 57
  • Chrome 49
  • Chrome for Android 64
  • Safari 11
  • Safari iOS 11.2