Broadcast SDK

Live video streaming SDK for iOS and Android.

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Implementing smooth low-latency live video broadcasting on mobile phones subject to varying network conditions is difficult. The camera APIs are complicated and full of corner cases, detection and support for different audio sources require lots of work, different mobile devices support different video encoders, and mobile networks can have a constantly changing bandwidth requiring adaptive algorithms to transmit the best possible video quality and avoid congestion. Why not delegate all of that to Bambuser?


Our broadcast SDKs handle the cameras, audio sources, encoders, streaming protocols and adapts to network conditions for you, letting you integrate live video broadcasting in your apps right now, without worrying about complicated technical details.


Good stuff

  • Ultra-low latency provided by Bambuser’s video infrastructure
  • Adaptive broadcasting quality works even in challenging network conditions
  • 100% white label
  • Supports landscape and portrait video
  • Up to 720p, 30fps
  • Available for iOS and Android