Forward live video to your backend, a social media service or any RTMP capable OVP

In many use-cases where live video is used to tell a story, you may want to get the video out of the Bambuser environment and streamed to other places. For example, distribute the video simultaneously on many different surfaces to reach a wider audience or perhaps ingest video somewhere when effects can be added before passing it along elsewhere.


The Live Forwarding API allows you to set-up forwarding of video to remote destinations over RTMP. It’s a simple REST API that’s versatile enough to let you forward a video to one or multiple destinations with little effort.


Good stuff

  • RTMP compliant
  • Supports streaming video to multiple destinations simultaneously
  • Supports both live and on-demand broadcasts
  • Can be combined with webhooks for full automation
  • Lets you stream video to Facebook, Youtube, or any RTMP capable service
  • Lets you Ingesting video into your existing OVP provider