Live video infrastructure & CDN

Zero-configuration, infinitely scalable streaming pipeline with built-in adaptive quality-switching and VOD.

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Streaming mobile live video with low latency to thousands of viewers with a plethora of different devices, operating systems and browsers is a challenge riddled with difficult engineering angles and cumbersome, often surprising, corner cases. For a complete and robust solution the minimum requirements are: a stable broadcasting protocol that adapts to network conditions, real-time transcoding to multiple formats, low-latency and adaptive video delivery to many different devices and orchestration of all parts.


Bambuser’s video pipeline and infrastructure handles all of this (and more) behind the scenes allowing you to easily integrate live streaming into your solution and keep focusing on your core business. Our platform offers end-to-end coverage, meaning you can focus on building the best experience for your users by leveraging our broadcast SDK and player SDK and let us worry about all of the necessary infrastructure in-between.

Good stuff

  • Zero-configuration for customers
  • Scales to (almost) infinite number of broadcasters and viewers
  • Automatic transcoding to many formats
  • Multi-factor adaptive broadcasting quality based on network conditions
  • Supports landscape and portrait video
  • On-demand video enabled by default
  • Ingests video made by the Bambuser broadcast SDK (or alternatively RTMP)
  • Distributes video to the Bambuser player SDK, web player or to remote locations over RTMP