Web Player

Low-latency web player based on standard web technologies for embedding both live and on-demand streams.

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In order to show a video on a website for a wide audience you need to consider a plethora of different browser versions and operating systems and their capability of handling certain video technologies (or lack thereof). A video that works on a modern desktop browser may not work in the browser on a mobile device, and vice versa. To have full coverage you need to transcode and serve the video in different formats depending on the viewer’s device.


The web player makes it extremely simple to embed a Bambuser broadcast on a website, using the Javascript library or simply adding an iframe. Behind the scenes, our platform handles live transcoding to ensure playback on any modern device.

The player is fully customizable similarly to the standard HTML5 video player. Use the browser’s native UI, our custom (unbranded) UI or build your own.

Read more at bambuser.com/docs/playback/web-player/

Good stuff

  • Ultra-low latency provided by Bambuser’s video infrastructure
  • Embeddable using a Javascript library or directly as an iframe
  • 100% white label
  • Zero-configuration – we handle feature detection automatically to guarantee playback works on all modern devices
  • Exposes the same API as standard HTML5 video