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We try to cover the most frequently asked topics here.
If you don't find your answer here, you are welcome to ask us directly.

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  • How do I broadcast from my phone?
    The Bambuser community is shutting down. Only existing Premium customers can broadcast.
  • How do I share broadcasts to friends only?
    Bambuser users who follow each other can share private broadcasts via the share menu.
  • How much does this cost?
    Our base service is free to consumers and relief organizations.
  • Can I do Private broadcasts?
    Yes you can. Learn more about it here.
  • How do I automatically post broadcast to Twitter or Facebook?
    Log in and browse to your settings page. Find "Connect" in the list of settings and you will find a number of social networks to share your broadcasts to.
  • How do I broadcast using my webcam?
    You can use our Flash-based broadcaster together with your webcam or other high quality cameras.
  • How do I remove a broadcast?
    You can remove your broadcasts from your channel page or a specific broadcast's page.
  • Can I allow unrestricted chat on my channel?
    All Bambuser chat rooms require login by default. Should you prefer to have an unrestricted chat, you can change this on your settings page
  • Can I change my password?
    Yes, this can be done on your settings page.
  • Can I watch Bambuser broadcasts on my phone?
    Yes, you most likely can. We support viewing of live and on demand broadcasts on many devices.
  • Compatible standalone broadcast applications
    Here are some desktop applications which you can use to broadcast to Bambuser Premium using webcams or DV cameras.
  • Compatible standalone video production applications (Windows/Mac/Linux)
    Here are some tips on great video production applications for your Bambuser broadcasts.
  • How can I make a recording without an internet connection?
    On select platforms, currently Android, iOS, Maemo and MeeGo, it is possible to save a recording to the phone and upload it to Bambuser at a later time when internet connectivity is available.
  • How do I download my broadcasts?
    Log in and find download links for each video on your channel page under the tab "Broadcasts" by clicking the Edit-button beneath the broadcast, or by clicking the "Download broadcast" link on each broadcast page.
  • How do I embed my broadcasts on other sites?
    Find the correct embed code from either someone's profile page or a specific broadcast page. Paste it into a website or blogging tool that allows HTML to be entered.
  • How do I follow other Bambuser users?
    Browse to the channel page of the user you want to follow and click on the "Follow" button in the right column.
  • How do I geotag my videos?
    Geotagging is available on all modern smartphone platforms and can be enabled on the Settings screen.
  • How do I install Bambuser on an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch?
    Click here to open iTunes and install the app, or search for Bambuser in the App Store on your device.
  • How do I share individual broadcasts to Facebook, Twitter, etc.?
    Connect to your preferred service on your settings page and clear "Post broadcasts automatically" to only share individual broadcasts using "Share" on your phone.
  • How do I tag a broadcast?
    A broadcast can be tagged by adding them from the share menu in your broadcasting device, by using the "Add tags"-button on the broadcast web page or by writing hash tags in the broadcast title.
  • How much can I broadcast?
    We currently don't have any limits!
  • I get very low framerate and / or the audio is breaking up, can I improve the flow?
    Select "better flow" in settings on the mobile phone and / or lower the audio quality.
  • What are the keys to a high quality webcam stream?
    There are many ways to improve the quality of your webcam broadcast.
  • What is unsent complement data?
    Some data may temporarily be stored on your phone if your connection is slow while broadcasting live. Upload this data afterwards to smooth out the archived broadcast.
  • What speed internet connection do I need to stream on Bambuser?
    A broadband connection is generally recommended, but you can broadcast live video on Bambuser with as little as 100 Kbps of upload bandwidth.
  • Can I change my email address?
    Your e-mail and notification settings can be managed on your settings page.
  • Customization
    You can easily disable/enable chat and tag functionality using your settings page.
  • How do I broadcast using Flash Media Live Encoder?
    Premium customers can download an authentication profile file and open it in FMLE.
  • How do I change my profile presentation?
    You can edit your profile pres on your settings page or directly on your channel page.
  • How do I close my account?
    You can easily close your account on your settings page. Please note that it's a permanent operation!
  • How do I mute a user in chat?
    You can easily mute users in the chat room of your own broadcasts.
  • Installation fails due to certificate date or security check issues. What to do?
    Check that the phone's current time is set correctly.
  • What do I need to watch videos on
    To use you need a PC or a Mac an up-to-date browser like Firefox, Safari, Chrome or Internet Explorer with the latest version of Adobe Flash Player installed.
  • Why can't I connect to Bambuser broadcasts?
    You might be blocked by a firewall.
  • Do you have API:s so I can integrate Bambuser into my own site / application?
    Yes we do.
  • Holy Cow! This is really cool stuff! I'm a skilled programmer who wants to be a part of shaping the future, can I join Bambuser?
    We'd love to hear from talented and innovative people from all over the globe. Send us something about yourself at