Important Notice: The Bambuser Community is discontinued for non-paying customers

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Help: How do I broadcast using Flash Media Live Encoder?

Premium customers can download an authentication profile file and open it in FMLE.

Flash Media Live Encoder screenshot Flash Media Live Encoder is an efficient live broadcasting tool for Windows and Mac, with support for H.264 and On2 VP6 codecs.

Installation guide

  1. The Bambuser community is shutting down. Only existing Premium customers can broadcast.
  2. Download and install FMLE from Adobe. You will need to sign up for a free Adobe account to access the download.
  3. Download your XML authentication profile. This file contains your personal connection and authentication information. Anyone who has this file can broadcast to your account - keep it safe!
  4. Open FMLE and load your profile (File -> Open profile)
  5. Tweak the audio and video sources and encoding settings if needed. We recommend keeping the total bitrate around 400 Kbps (FMLE calculates this for you automatically in the lower middle part of the window).
  6. Make sure to check the "auto adjust" option in the right box to keep the broadcast latency low.
  7. Click on the big green "Start" button to start the broadcast.
  8. Don't hesitate to send us feedback about your experience with FMLE!

If you're using Bambuser and FMLE from a company, university or public network, there might be a firewall (or enforced proxy) blocking access to certain ports on remote servers and Bambuser might not be fully functional for you. For details on what's needed for access to Bambuser, see connecting to Bambuser servers.