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Celebrating 1 year with Live Video Shopping!
We hosted a live show powered by our technology, featuring advisor Tom Xiong and Fredrik Hällkvist from Kjell & Company, Scandinavia's leading consumer electronics retailer who revealed that a live show has generated as much sales as a store does in two weeks.
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Celebrating 1 year since the launch Live Video Shopping. What happened?
Tom Xiong, Bambuser's advisor and one of Europe’s leading experts on the Chinese market will talk on how live shopping has revolutionized e-commerce.
Kjell & Co, Scandinavia's leading consumer electronics retailer will reveal how live shopping has transformed their way of working during this year.
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Host and attenders

Sophie Abrahamsson - CCO Bambuser

Sophie Abrahamsson

Tom Xiong - Bambuser Co-founder - Digitala Draken/ Digitally China

Tom Xiong

Digitala Draken/ Digitally China
Fredrik Hallkvist - Head of Omni-channel - Kjell & Co

Fredrik Hällkvist

Head of Omni-channel
Kjell & Co
Live streaming setup - bambuser
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