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Help: How do I share broadcasts to friends only?

Bambuser users who follow each other can share private broadcasts via the share menu.

Share with another Bambuser user

To share a private broadcast with another Bambuser user:

  1. Make sure you are both following each other. The follow button is found in the user profile and on all broadcast pages. By mutually following each other's accounts, you are now recognized as friends.
  2. On a private broadcast, click share and look for the section titled "Bambuser friends" in the menu.
  3. Once shared, your friend can access the broadcast via the Feed on his or hers channel page. Provided they have notifications enabled, they will also get an email.

Sharing with Facebook friends

Effective April 23, 2015, it is no longer possible to share private Bambuser broadcasts to Facebook friend lists.

Effective April 27, 2015, it is no longer possible for Facebook friends to view privately shared broadcasts. This is due to policy changes at Facebook, preventing Bambuser from using Facebook friend lists.

Other ways to share

To share a broadcast publicly, simply set your broadcast to public and follow the common sharing guide.

If you want an unlisted (hidden) Bambuser account, please read more about our premium offering.