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Help: What is unsent complement data?

Some data may temporarily be stored on your phone if your connection is slow while broadcasting live. Upload this data afterwards to smooth out the archived broadcast.

Being truly LIVE is the most important aspect of Bambuser broadcasting, and our mobile applications are therefore written to adapt to the varying upload speed of mobile networks. If broadcasting using the chosen quality settings produces more data than your connection can send live, parts of the data may be stored temporarily on your phone instead. This allows us to keep latency at an absolute minimum at all times while you are live and still provide smooth video for later viewing.

Android screenshot
Stream health bar in Android app

iPhone screenshot
Unsent complement data in iPhone app

The stream health concept

Our newer applications include a stream health bar showing how much data is actually sent live. A high stream health suggests that most or all of the data is sent live, and your viewers get a smooth experience. A low stream health suggests that your connection is not fast enough for the quality settings you have chosen and your viewers may experience choppy video.

If your network connection is very fast and your stream health is constantly high, it suggests that it could handle even better quality video, and you can consider raising the video quality under Settings. You may of course use as low settings as you wish, to conserve bandwidth, which can be useful if your mobile data contract has a monthly data limit.

Unsent complement data

If some data can not be sent live, it can be stored in your phone, provided that you have the feature enabled. This data is not in any way a complete recording, but only contains parts that weren't sent live, a complement to the live broadcast. This means that it doesn't occupy any more space than necessary.

Uploading unsent data

You may upload any stored unsent data at any time after broadcasting live. The mobile application contains a list of any unsent data, where you can choose whether to complete a particular broadcast right now, upload everything at once or delete data you no longer need (for example if you have already removed the archived broadcast).

When you have uploaded the unsent data for a broadcast, our servers will combine the live-data with the uploaded data, put all the data in the right order and create a smoother broadcast that can be viewed on demand.