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Help: How do I tag a broadcast?

A broadcast can be tagged by adding them from the share menu in your broadcasting device, by using the "Add tags"-button on the broadcast web page or by writing hash tags in the broadcast title.

Using tags is a good way for you to show and share interesting parts in your broadcasts. It is also a good way to categorize broadcasts and make them related to other interesting videos on Bambuser.

A broadcast may be tagged in several ways:

  1. Via the share menu in the app
    It is possible to add tags to a broadcast directly from the share menu found in the Bambuser app on mobile devices while broadcasting live. The same share menu can also be found in the Flash broadcaster.
  2. On the broadcast page
    As long as the broadcast owner allows public tagging and you are logged in to it is possible to add tags on other Bambuser user's broadcasts. This can be done on the broadcast page by pressing the Add tag-button and typing one or several tags separated by a ",". A tag can be positioned to a specific place in time by either typing in a custom time or changing the player's current position. (The time can be entered as seconds or by using SI-units like 1h3min3s). A saved time tag is marked with a clock symbol and can be pressed to seek to the specified time.
  3. Using hash tags in the broadcast title
    If you want to add one or several tags to your broadcast right from the start simply add a hash tag, "#" before the words you wish to be used as tags. The title "My little #pony #horse" adds the tags "pony" and "horse" to the broadcast automatically.

When a tag is added to a live broadcast a notification is sent to the broadcaster. A mail will also be sent when a tag has been added or updated by someone else than the broadcast owner. The mail notifications can be removed by changing the mail settings.

You can chose not to allow public tagging by unchecking the "Tags" checkbox on your settings page in the "Customize your player" section.

Broadcast owners are able to remove all or individual tags added to a broadcast. This is done by pressing the Remove all tags-button or by pushing Edit, (symbolised with a pencil) and then the Remove tag-button from the dialogue.