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Help: Why can't I connect to Bambuser broadcasts?

You might be blocked by a firewall.

If you have a firewall (or enforced proxy) blocking access to certain ports on remote servers, Bambuser might not be fully functional for you. This is sometimes the case with corporate networks. Below is described which port your phone or computer tries to connect to in different situations:

Viewing in a browser with Flash
Live mobile broadcasts and all archived broadcasts: TCP 80 (http) and TCP 443 (https)
Live webcam broadcasts: TCP 1935 (rtmp)

Viewing with an iOS or modern Android device
Any broadcast: TCP 80 (http) and TCP 443 (https)

Viewing with other mobile devices
Any broadcast: TCP 554 and UDP (rtsp)

To broadcast
From your mobile phone: TCP 443
From your webcam: TCP 1935 (rtmp)