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Help: I get very low framerate and / or the audio is breaking up, can I improve the flow?

Select "better flow" in settings on the mobile phone and / or lower the audio quality.

The flow of the stream mostly depends on the speed of the connection to the internet. In order to get a better flow, you can try to lower the amount of data per video frame;

  1. Open the Bambuser application on your device.
  2. Choose Options » Settings.
  3. Set the Video quality slider to "better flow" as it consumes less data (but generates a lower quality image).
  4. Adjust the Video size. We suggest you use no more than 320x240 pixels when having decent 3G coverage.
    If the broadcast application indicates a speed of 20000 bytes/s or less, or the stream health indicator goes below 50%, you might want to go down to a lower resolution such as 176x144
  5. Press OK.

To get better flow on your archived on-demand video, make sure you have the complement functionality enabled, which can improve the archived video significantly. The complement function can be found under Options/Settings in the Bambuser application.