"The biggest thing that happened to e-commerce since smart phones"

Live stream shopping is estimated to account for over 20% of China’s online shopping in 2022.
US and European markets are catching up fast.
Consumers love it. The add to cart and sales conversion rates are incomparable.

Features our customers love

Highlight Products

Promote your products and have your audience add-to-cart without leaving the stream.

Live Chat

Interact in real time with your audience, answer their questions, include them in the conversation and co-create content.

White Label

Branded video player and shopping experience.
A user experience that reflects your brands visual identity; logo, colorscheme fonts and wordning.

Quick setup & easy to use


Integrate to your platform

Quickly add the Bambuser software to your website using the javascript snippet. Customized to fit your brand and benefit from keeping ownership of your customer and transactional data.

Stream your first show

Log in to the admin dashboard and add the products you want to highlight by entering their product page URLs. Bambuser fetches all necessary data like names and images. You are now ready to run your first live show!

Edit and re-use shows

It is easy to edit recorded shows and re-use them later. In fact, recorded shows usually drive even more sales than the live ones.

Create shows your customers love from day one.

Staff On-Site with Expertise

Experienced and professional Bambuser Staff on set - via physical presence or remote.

Engagement Optimization

You get access to our collected experience, guides and best practices to optimize the shows for successful engagement and sales.

A Bambuser team helps you  all the way .

Ready to try?

“With the foundational belief that clients are looking for experiences rather than just products, we strive to always be in the forefront and are very excited to launch Live Video Shopping”
Nicola Antonelli, CMO of Luisaviaroma

Take your e-commerce to the next level.

Marketing that sells. We enable you with a tool for content creation with immediate conversion, feedback and engagement from your audience.

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The competitive edge: customized service

Kjell & Company’s future plans are to increase One-to-One personalization: To be able to match customers with sales associates based on subject matter expertise, language requirements, and more. “We believe [Bambuser One-to-One] will give us the edge in customer service in the future,” says Swärdh.