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New Update Driving 3.5x Higher Product CTR in Shoppable Video.

One-to-One Quarterly Update: Q1 2023

One-to-Many Quarterly Update: 
Q1 2023

Introducing: Invite-Only within One-to-Many

Major Update in Bambuser’s Exclusive Split Screen Feature

One-to-One quarterly update: Q4 2022

One-to-Many Quarterly Update: Q4 2022

Triple Your One-to-One Calls with the New Video Widget

Go Live Faster Than Ever with the New iOS Broadcaster App

Q3: One-to-Many. More intuitive and insightful than ever.

Q3: One-to-One. Now supercharged with AR.

Give Your Customers the Power to Vote with Polls

Discover these three new One-to-One updates

Utilize the Bambuser feature that boosts viewers by +125%

Implement One-to-One via Google Tag Manager

Guide customers 
to complete sales 
with Cobrowsing

One-to-Many pushes Live Video Shopping further thanks to a new upgrade

Bambuser's new dashboard is here

Bambuser’s One-to-One Live Video Shopping solution is made more intuitive with a new and improved User Interface.

Bambuser Launches Social Multistreaming, Bringing Live Video Shopping Events to Facebook, YouTube & More

Bambuser launches landscape mode, bringing 16:9 cinematic experience to Live Video Shopping

New Bambuser features: Dual hosting and external camera compatibility

New features in the Bambuser Live Video Shopping platform

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