Social Apps

Live video is a fun and engaging form of content which can make your audience spend plenty of time in your social app.

We make it easy for you to integrate both live broadcasting and viewing with our SDKs into your app.

Collect live user generated content

With our Broadcast SDK for iOS and Android you easily integrate the ability for your users to broadcast live video.

RTMP live streaming

Broadcast professional production live streams to your app via RTMP and wow your audience with amazing production value!

Keep engagement high!

Integrate our Player SDK or web player to present live or on demand videos in your app.

Guide: Content Expiration

By popular demand we’ve provided a practical guide on how to build an app where broadcasts expire after 24 hours which will help you get started building video experiences like Snapchat and Instagram Stories.

Ready to go?

That’s about all you need to integrate live video in your own social app. Our documentation has developer friendly guides with deep dives into the technical aspects.