Investor Relations

Carl Kinell

Board Member
BA in International Business from Johnson & Wales University, studies in International Marketing & Management at Copenhagen Business School and MBA from Stockholm School of Economics.
13 years of professional experience from Corporate Finance and Private Banking including 12 years abroad in London and Luxembourg at companies such as Glitnir Bank London, Banque Invik S.A, Swedbank S.A, Catella Bank S.A and Catella Bank Branch in Stockholm.
Ongoing commitments
CEO & Member of the Board of Muirfield Invest AB.
Previous commitments
996 666 shares and 18 058 873 shares via Muirfield Invest AB. Carl Kinell owns 10% of Muirfield Invest AB (as of 21 April 2020)
Independent in relation to the company and its management, however not independent in relation to major shareholders.