Create a Live trivia app with Bambuser SDKs

The popularity of live gameshows has exploded during the past years. With Bambuser you get all the tools and infrastructure you need to easily integrate low latency live video in your trivia app.

Who wins?
  • Bruce Lee
  • Chuck Norris

Broadcast your show

Broadcast your professional production from your studio environment over RTMP.

Or integrate our Broadcast SDK in a mobile app and broadcast without the need for expensive hardware.

Play the show in your app

Present your live video trivia show in your app using our low latency Player SDK -- fully customizable with your UI.

Add interactivity

Need chat functionality? Combine Bambuser with a third party chat SDK.

If you are looking to monetize your app, our player SDKs integrate with ad network SDKs.

Ready to go?

That’s about all you need to integrate live video in your trivia app. Our documentation has developer friendly guides with deep dives into the technical aspects.