Incorporate Live streaming in a weather app

There are great apps for monitoring the weather forecast, but sometimes you want a better outlook by taking a step outside or asking someone directly. What better way to accomplish this than with live video?

A weather feed with user generated content through live video

  • Engage your users through a crowdsourced social feed dedicated to real-time weather
  • Get updates from real people everywhere
  • Provide a unique way of getting weather updates with live video

Collect live user generated content

Integrate live broadcasting capabilities in your app with our Broadcast SDK and source user generated content based on location.

View the broadcasts

Play the videos live and on-demand in your app and website with our Player SDK, fully customizable with your UI.

Link video content to Geographical location

Use our API to get location based metadata from broadcasts to associate the videos with their nearby location, providing users a feed of recent broadcasts from users in their area.

Ready to go?

That’s about all you need to integrate live video in your own weather app. Our documentation has developer friendly guides with deep dives into the technical aspects.