Dagestan – Russia’s New Hot Spot

4 years ago via webcam

24 Nov 2010 09:41 CET

0:34Civil Rights Defenders:

Thank you for your patience!

2:07Civil Rights Defenders:

Finally our guests are here. After taking their coats of and having some coffee they will be ready.

3:20Civil Rights Defenders:

Are you still with us

3:26Civil Rights Defenders:

We are just about to start

12:29Civil Rights Defenders:

After the introduction of Ms. Ekaterina Sokiryanskaya, you'll be able to ask her and Ms. Tanya Lokshina, Russia Researcher at Human Rights Watch.

26:50Civil Rights Defenders:

Radicals have moved from the woods to the city, Dagestan might be on the verge of a war, what do you want to ask Ms. Ekaterina Sokiryanskaya and Ms. Tanya Lokshina

27:45Civil Rights Defenders:

Time for questions

29:06Civil Rights Defenders:

Ms. Tanya Lokshina will make a couple of points and then you'll be able to ask questions

33:26Civil Rights Defenders:

Soon there will be time for questions, so please feel free to ask questions

33:51Civil Rights Defenders:

what do you want to know about the severe human rights situation of Dagestan

40:06Civil Rights Defenders:

you can start posting your questions via the chat

43:38Civil Rights Defenders:

Please ask your questions to the speakers

43:47Civil Rights Defenders:

Thank you for your patience

49:48Civil Rights Defenders:

Dagestan has received little international attention, what can the international community do

53:18Civil Rights Defenders:

Please feel free to post questions via the chat, we'll deliever them to the speakers

58:59Civil Rights Defenders:

What do you want to ask Ms. Ekaterina Sokiryanskaya and Ms. Tanya Lokshina

1:01:31Civil Rights Defenders:

Please if you have a question ask it now, so we have time to deliever it to the speaker.

1:03:47Civil Rights Defenders:

Questions about violence against women

1:07:11Civil Rights Defenders:

the visa issue of human rights defenders


What does the Stockholm Process mean for Human Rights Defenders in Northern Conference?

1:13:59Civil Rights Defenders:

Thank you Anna, we are running out of time.



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