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Turning Up the Volume on Revenue and Engagement with Video Commerce


In the competitive consumer electronics market, meeting increasingly high customer expectations and achieving sales goals pose greater challenges than ever before. Leading audio equipment brand Sonos, which specializes in wireless solutions, turned to video commerce to address their need to innovate and ramp up customer engagement and sales.

“Video commerce adds a new tool in our kit to foster deeper relationships, and interact with customers in a more personal way, while driving revenue.”

— Olivia Burt, Sonos CRM Campaign Manager, Sonos



Sonos felt the need to foster deeper connections with their audience, expand their brand’s visibility, and drive increased sales in a competitive market. Additionally, with products becoming increasingly technical and customers becoming more tech savvy, they knew they needed to provide more interactive and personalized experiences to help shoppers make informed purchase decisions.



Video commerce emerged as a pivotal solution, providing Sonos with a dynamic platform to host interactive live events. By choosing Bambuser as their video commerce partner, Sonos leveraged the power of live video shows, as well as features such as Channels and Miniplayer, to provide engaging and personalized online shopping experiences. The Channels feature allows them to add to their video content library on the website seamlessly, amplifying the reach of live shows after they ended, while the Miniplayer enables viewers to watch the live show while navigating the website for a more flexible shopping experience.

Bambuser’s video commerce platform, with its immersive and personalized approach, proved instrumental in overcoming the challenges Sonos faced in engaging with their technically-oriented customer base.

Additionally, Sonos found the Bambuser platform reliable and easy to integrate, with a user-friendly interface that makes managing live events a frictionless experience. Based on their individual needs, the tailored assistance provided by the team at Bambuser during critical phases of their online events helped shape their overall very positive experience with video commerce.

“Video commerce has significantly enhanced our business by fostering deeper engagement with our audience, expanding brand visibility, and driving increased sales through dynamic and interactive live events.”

— Olivia Burt, Sonos CRM Campaign Manager, Sonos



The impact of the video commerce strategy Sonos implemented was nothing short of impressive. Through their partnership with Bambuser, they have successfully built deeper and more personal relationships with their customers while driving revenue through their live shoppable video shows.

Their holiday live show was a particularly successful event, getting Sonos 21.5K viewers and $1.6 million in revenue. And most impressively, Sonos has seen a staggering 3,507% return on their video commerce investment since they embarked on their video commerce journey.





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