CHAT at 10: Behind the Scenes of Fox Wilmington News

2 years ago via webcam

15 Feb 2012 21:58 EST

1:58matt headley:

hey guys, the blue dress was given back to Monica Lewinsky along with whatever they took for the court.

2:44matt headley:

There was an ABC article that mentioned it, and that was about it. She said in a 1999 interview that she'd probably burn it if she ever got it back. So it's probably toast

4:15matt headley:

(I really need a job! Too much time on my hands!

ah crap why isn't the video loading for me

there we go


9:53the picky one:

kthat was so easy--I got an e-mail from bambuser and all I had to do was click on the link--thanks!

10:44Manda FBB:


10:49matt headley:

oh yay! glad it worked out for you!

11:09Manda FBB:

I cant believe I got connected tonight =)

11:23Manda FBB:

Hi Michelle, Jon and chat buddies =)


12:23the picky one:

Hi, Miranda--do you have trouble getting this chat too?

12:37Manda FBB:

no, i have a CRAP connection where i am LOL

I haven't signed up on the site sometime i have to reload though to get the video running right

hi michelle

what up jon

13:32matt headley:

now there's a shot!

13:40Manda FBB:

I know, right Matt?

sinus problems?

13:53the picky one:

I'm trying to watch REVENGE (on that "other" network--shhhh!)

14:17Manda FBB:

Michelle, you did get that cold, didnt you? :(

looks like someone needs a caffeinne pick up right now

they be gettin it on

18:09matt headley:

Hey guys, doing a little digging now and that story about the lunch in NC brought from home that was incorrectly deemed unacceptable by someone at that school

18:20the picky one:

has me on the edge of my seat!

I just read that artice a minute ago

18:51matt headley:

I think is directly related to the new regulations from that Michelle Obama school lunch bill

there's the link

19:26matt headley:

After they passed it I think they were accepting comments on what or how to implement more healthy food.

20:20matt headley:

I think the reasoning is if there's federal funding given to schools for lunch assistance, than they require better healthier food

20:29Manda FBB:

wow, i missed that story :( I probably would have had a thing or 30 to say about that

I also read today that someone playing call of duty had the swat team called to their house by someone else they were playing with

21:07matt headley:

NOBODY is linking this event to that Bill and it seems like it may be directly related

there's the article

quick to the box

it's peanut butter jelly time!!!

well we know they are about to say something about the chris brown grammy

i remember that show

the teleprompter did

he's a woman beating pussyi

sorry for the profanity

29:09matt headley:

and yet they cut an Etta James tribute to fit the Whitney Houston one :(

29:40matt headley:

Because they couldn't lose the electronic mask DJ for 10 minutes

I dunno I don't keep up with that crap


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