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2 years ago via webcam

25 Mar 2012 03:58 CEST

3:42matt headley:

So how many wings did Jon and Michelle eat?

5:07matt headley:

Oh, Michelle answered for Jon: he ate 12 wings in a minute and 3 seconds


Yeah, I think if someone has been getting presciption meds without a medical reason, they're probably not eager to come to the police department to say hello!

5:33the picky one:

did you all get on last night? I sent you and Kevin a message on FB but didn't hear back from either of you

5:38Chad Heavilyarmed:


5:53the picky one:

talking to Matt

5:57matt headley:

Oh, yeah, I don't think anyone broadcasted last night

6:02Chad Heavilyarmed:


6:06matt headley:

took it easy today

6:22Chad Heavilyarmed:

Yikes! But hopefully you got a massive return, yes?

8:35matt headley:

oh wow, the newcomer won people's choice

8:42matt headley:

haven't been there yet

8:56the picky one:

me, neither, but it is always crowded with cars

9:31Chad Heavilyarmed:

I've heard rumors that it's pretty great, but I still haven't been.

9:43matt headley:

I'm not into the eating contests, kind of grosses me out on the pro level. And I'm from the land of Wing Bowl in Philly

9:55the picky one:

chad--haven't seen you in here before

10:30Chad Heavilyarmed:

Actually, Picky, you have, but apparently when I clicked the FB link it logged me in from Facebook instead of my bambuser name, capefearphoto

10:35the picky one:

that's going to bust hell out of the biggest loser contest for him for this week!

11:12the picky one:

I think so--she has been waffling a bit about it

11:39the picky one:

oh--I recognize capefearphoto--hey there!

12:11Chad Heavilyarmed:

Hiya picky!! I thought about logging out and back in, but I probably can't stick around the whole time tonight.

13:45the picky one:

I''m watching Celebrity Apprentice

13:50Chad Heavilyarmed:

Nope, trying to get caught up on some video editing, actually.

14:29the picky one:

Clay, DebbieGibson--Arsenio -- Lou Ferrigno- etc.

14:33Chad Heavilyarmed:

Nah, taking a break from editing. I do just about all types of photography, but I try to avoid weddings if at all possible.

14:57Chad Heavilyarmed:

But I think I shot fifteen weddings last year, so it happens.

16:13the picky one:

I really enjoy this chat thing--how about you guys?

16:29matt headley:

hi! Chad, I videotaped weddings in South Jersey up until I moved here in Sept. Still kind of in limbo right now. Know anyone who's looking for freelance videographers?

16:37Chad Heavilyarmed:

I dig it. I've missed out the past couple of weekends. Been too busy.

17:32matt headley:

ah ok, I had to step out, didn't see that you are cape fear photo

17:33Chad Heavilyarmed:

Hey Matt! I think I actually talked to you about it before. I don't know of anyone needing video right this second, but I get asked all the time. Email me your info to capefearphoto at gmail and I'll keep your name on hand!

18:12the picky one:

the guys are networking

18:29Chad Heavilyarmed:

Hahaha, yeah, sorry for hijacking the chat! :)

18:49the picky one:

no problema! we seem to be"it" tonite

19:20Chad Heavilyarmed:

Yeah, kinda quiet. I'm wondering where mom and dad are tonight??

19:29the picky one:

I think Ashlea is so pretty


held back as long as I could- just LOVE Eric's "comfy" shoes!! <grin>

19:42Chad Heavilyarmed:

She is a cutie!


<anonymous= RC>


1st Cuz to good ole Elliott Hunter..

21:20the picky one:

I mean, who is Elliot's first cuz?

21:34Chad Heavilyarmed:

And you're dealing drugs! For shame!! ;)

21:35matt headley:

well, little bit. Let me know if a videographer position opens up at WECT!

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