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Talgoxar bygger bo i holk.Great tits builds a nest in nest box.
Playadel Bergs D-dachshund litter, born 22/04 2015. Dam C.I.B & FI CH & SE CH & SE TCH Playadel Bergs Näsvisa Noora, Sire 4 x WCH-D (drive)champion & SE CH & SE TCH Suttaröns Västman. Strävhåriga taxvalpar / Karkeak. mäyräkoiran pentuja
Playadel Bergs E-dachshund litters, age 4 weeks, born 28/04 2015. Mother triple champion Playadel Bergs Listiga Linnea, father triple champion Suttaröns Västman. Strävhåriga taxvalpar / Karkeakarvaisen mäyräkoiran pentuja
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