chat at 6:30: coupon deals

2 years ago via webcam

20 Apr 2012 00:29 CEST


Hello, newscasters.

4:15the picky one:

hi bambuserites!

5:41the picky one:

hello Jon and Michelle--can't hear you too well

5:58Manda FBB:

Hiya Jon, Michelle and Buserbuds =)

6:33the picky one:

hey chat buddies--who all is going to Carolina Farmin' on Sunday to see Michelle in action?

6:59Manda FBB:

we might

7:06the picky one:

I think we should go en masse!


Hard to believe that was 17 years ago.


I can miss that, problem.

8:39Manda FBB:

So we're coupon's my tip of the NOT substitute stuff for your 20 coupons...then find the other 3 items you wanted = 23 items .... THEN forget to give them those last 3 coupons

8:58Manda FBB:

lotsa ice cream =)

9:27Manda FBB:

I lost $5.33 on that trip LOL

9:44Manda FBB:

I had 23 items...instead of 20 and used 20 Qs...coz i strayed from my list

9:58Manda FBB:

I forgot the last 3...even IF they wouldnt have doubled

10:00Manda FBB:

I'm a dork


Hope it ain't Ryan Seacrest.

13:45Manda FBB:

Abby is a beaut =)

14:54the picky one:

cooking Korean

15:36the picky one:

I think we should all go and support her

16:12the picky one:

we could call ourselves " a boodle of bambusers"

18:45Manda FBB:

hehe Picky

19:03Manda FBB:

I'm afk a few...going to the TV to watch Michelle's coupon segment ;)


What started this whole coupon craze?


The recession?

20:48Manda FBB:

the economy

20:58Manda FBB:

I need to move my TV in here LOL

21:07Manda FBB:

*runs back and forth*

21:19the picky one:

mine is right here with me--makes it easy


My life is saturated with Internet, 24/7. I don't even have cable. I avoid TV if I can.


This is how I watch the news.


Although, I've considered getting a digital antenna just for the news.

25:54the picky one:

great coupon segment!

26:06Manda FBB:

HAHa now he eats his ice cream *points at Jon*

26:49the picky one:

yeah, I'll bet their personal trainer is having a fit right about now! LOL!

28:42Manda FBB:

That was a great little segment...brings the fun into things :) thanks!

29:26Manda FBB:

OK....hubs and I need to bolt...gonna get some deeener...should be back by 10pm

30:08Manda FBB:

oh, remind me to tell you about that little blunder i made today...HAHa we all do it Michelle!

32:12Manda FBB: tip of the day i typed earlier

32:42Manda FBB:

i spent over an hour looking for a $5 mistake LOL

32:54Manda FBB:

Later guys =)

32:56Manda FBB:

I know hehe


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