Chat at 6:30: Newt to suspend campaign

2 years ago via webcam

26 Apr 2012 00:29 CEST

4:58Manda FBB:

Good evening =)

5:22the picky one:

Hey, Manda!

5:45the picky one:

I was a little late getting in--did I miss anything so far?

6:23Manda FBB:

I didn't get in for the opening story either :(

8:21matt headley:

here I am looking at my FB feed and you guys staretd 7 minutes ago!



9:49matt headley:

why in the world is Newt even waiting a week?

10:18the picky one:

We're afraid to not come--we'll be talked about !! LOL!

10:35matt headley:

Is her shirt from Pokemon? I dunno, but looks kinda familiar


Yeah, that was a Pokemon symbol of some sort.

11:29Manda FBB:

HAHA Linda

11:42the picky one:

Amanda!! There you are!!!!

11:54Manda FBB:

Hey Billy =) did you realize you were the 500th person to join my FBook page? ;)

11:58Manda FBB:

I'm here =)

12:21the picky one:

no, I meant on TV--they promoed the shopping trip

12:40Manda FBB:

doh...i missed it?

12:54the picky one:

I called you Amanda--sorry

13:18Manda FBB:

thats my name ;)


Nope. You can call me Mister Five Hundred. :)

13:41the picky one:

Well you can just call me "pick" -- but that is not my name! LOL!

13:44matt headley:

does he win a prize?


I win a car or sometihng, right?


...or a coupon for a car?

14:07Manda FBB:

okay Billy =) Matt..he set off a chain of events to start a giveaway...

14:26Manda FBB:

a car...*laffs*

14:33Manda FBB:

right after I get a coupon for one ;)

14:37the picky one:

hey! I need to :like" your page and get into this--are we FB friends?

14:49Manda FBB:

we can be :)

14:56the picky one:

we SHALL be!

15:08the picky one:

how are you listed on FB?

15:09Robert Higdon:


15:20the picky one:

HI, Robert!

15:25Manda FBB:

15:46Manda FBB:

thats my personal page ;)

15:48Manda FBB:

hiya Robert

16:08the picky one:

I sent request, Manda

16:27Manda FBB:

gotcha +)

17:01matt headley:

I did to, although I'm not sure how long it will last, I put a lot of links on mine, including a lot of politcs

17:04the picky one:

That is little man in chinatown--you aren't chinese

17:07Robert Higdon:

hello everyone!! hope all is well

17:14Manda FBB:

Got Matt too =)

17:38Manda FBB:

OMG you cracked my husband up


I won a car.

18:15Robert Higdon:

so whats up tonight

18:35the picky one:

Billy won a coupon for a car

18:38Robert Higdon:

i been sick all day


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