CHAT at 10: Behind the scenes at Fox Wilmington

2 years ago via webcam

26 Apr 2012 04:00 CEST

1:24Robert Higdon:

good evening

1:45Robert Higdon:

good evening

2:31matt headley:

Guess what nerdy thing I'm doing today?

2:42Robert Higdon:


3:04matt headley:

Scanning in restaurant menus, converting them to PDFs so I can view them on Ipod touch, Iphone

3:32matt headley:

Another thing I can declutter

3:46matt headley:

throw out all the paper

4:00Robert Higdon:

hope they find Isebel

4:46matt headley:

THAT'S Camden, NJ!

4:55Robert Higdon:

dog story is sad

5:25Robert Higdon:

i live near that fire

6:31the picky one:

Where is it, Robert?

7:20Robert Higdon:

off eastwood

7:48the picky one:

that's what I thought--I think I know someone who lives on that street--I'm going to go look up the address--brb

9:20Mike Phipps:

Obama should have waited about three months to make the college tour

9:39the picky one:

two mile circle west--yep, that's where my friend lives--Robert, where do you live? I live near Eastwood, also

9:42Robert Higdon:

I remember when my apartment building burned the red cross was awesome!!!!

10:43Robert Higdon:

Racine drive

12:00the picky one:

gotcha--I live right about at the intersection of MLK and Hwy. 132--se we are neighbors--Manda lives in our area, too

12:15Robert Higdon:

I been sick also..all day

12:24Robert Higdon:



I'm getting over the flu.

12:35Robert Higdon:

thats wrong

14:50the picky one:

does your station do any coverage of the Misson of Mercy dental clinic in town this weekend? I think WWAY covered it last year.

15:20Manda FBB:

*waves* Hey guys!

15:29Manda FBB:

Im reading of a fire?

15:35Manda FBB:

talk to me

15:37Robert Higdon:

dont say that..I am getting ready to fly back to Arizona for a week!

16:22Manda FBB:

all the Buserbuds are present +)

16:30the picky one:

fire over there near you in Eastwood patio homes--can't think of the name of the development -I think it is right t here at the stoplight--it's Eastwood something


yeppp we're here!

17:28the picky one:

Wrightsville East maybe?

17:40Manda FBB:

isnt that down near the Military Cutoff end?

18:15the picky one:

right there at Rogersville Road

19:19matt headley:

Agree with Jon

19:30the picky one:

where the fire was

19:35Manda FBB:

I hope they get it out...that could do a lot of damage back in there

19:54the picky one:

great story!

19:55matt headley:

And then all the other graduates with other degrees take all the TV jobs

20:18the picky one:

Manda, the fire is out--the house burned to the ground--very sad

20:41Manda FBB:

:( yes, that is sad..hope no one was hurt

20:56the picky one:

no one was hurt

21:36Robert Higdon:

I went to college and got my Masters but I am not using

21:45the picky one:

what do you do?


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