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29 Jun 2012 19:01 BST

4:55Double Karma:

Where is this Obi?

6:01Double Karma:

Sell the banks!

6:35Steven Maclean:


6:56Steven Maclean:

Yay! Reactionary politics. Let's go forward, not back..

8:15Double Karma:

HEY Steven waves

8:42Steven Maclean:

Hey DK

8:50Steven Maclean:

"member" Klaxon

9:00Steven Maclean:

Occupy doesn't have "members"

10:40Double Karma:


14:31Double Karma:

I have a question,


afk a few mins

14:59Double Karma:

When is Bob Diamond gonna get SACKED

16:33Double Karma:

When are the banks gonna repay they money the got from the bail out

18:10Steven Maclean:

Money is not the problem

19:26Steven Maclean:

Cyprus, Portugal...

19:32Tony Stark:

What is the problem then Steve...?

21:32Steven Maclean:

The short answer is the capitalist system

21:36Double Karma:

corruption, greed & corprate tax avoidance, that that is the problem tony

23:07Steven Maclean:

Resources are privatley owned, when the ought to be socialised, and we have a system reliant on infinate growth when we have only finite resources

24:36Steven Maclean:

He's talking rubbish, nationalist rubbish at that

24:54Tony Stark:

I love short answers but can you be more specific? "The Capitalist System" is pretty broad.. I mean are we talking milton friedman or all of western civilisation?

25:47Steven Maclean:

I'd say Friedman's neoliberal fuck-fest is the logical conclusion of capitalism

26:08Tony Stark:

Ok, we are getting there, so ownership is the main issue??

26:24Tony Stark:

sure, i'd agree..

26:58Steven Maclean:

what we have now is no acident. This is late capitalism. When you have a system reliant on competition, and because ofhat, "losers", you will never have stability for the majority

27:26Tony Stark:

So whats the solution??\

27:35Steven Maclean:

owenership is an issue in as much as the majority own practically nothing.

27:50Double Karma:

get things back into the PUBLIC domaim

27:57Steven Maclean:

Well I'd advocate a resourse based economy

28:04Steven Maclean:


28:06Tony Stark:


28:11Steven Maclean:

the returm of the commons

28:11Double Karma:

get rid of the private sector

28:19Tony Stark:


28:26Steven Maclean:

@Tony, do you mean how do we get there?

29:24Tony Stark:

How would you..Well I'd advocate a resourse based economy, get things back into the PUBLIC domaim, the returm of the commons, get rid of the private sector

29:36Tony Stark:


29:58Tony Stark:

Through what actions?

30:08Steven Maclean:


30:19Steven Maclean:

but more likely, we won't have to do anything

30:32Double Karma:

getting MORE people to wake up

30:37Steven Maclean:

Capitalism wasn't a plan to overthrow Feudalism

31:11Steven Maclean:

it came about because new technological and social devlopments exploited aggitations within the Fuedalist system


Obi do occlondon have plans to join in with the 14th/ 15th month international protests?

31:58Steven Maclean:

Capitalism is already on the rocks. What we need to do is think about what we want to replace it with. We don't really need to rip it down.


agree Steve

32:28Tony Stark:

Steve are you saying that we are wasting our time because capitalism is on its way out anyway?

32:31Double Karma:

how is the OT folding Steven?

32:49Steven Maclean:

@DK, starting tomorrow. Will you go along?


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