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1 Jul 2012 03:56 CEST

3:03the picky one:

I guess you are taping the broadcast

4:11the picky one:

wonder where the others are who have no life on a Saturday night

6:19the picky one:

I am being a recluse --out of the heat

6:31the picky one:

I had to do a few hours of dutiful daughter duty earlier

6:56the picky one:

my 92 year old mom decided she wanted to go to the grocery store

7:08the picky one:

I am Doris'

7:14the picky one:

dutiful daughter

7:42the picky one:

that's what I keep telling her--how long will your parents be here?

10:20the picky one:

that will be nice

10:32the picky one:

too bad we had to have a heat wave for them

10:44the picky one:

you don't do the asian shuffle like Michelle does

11:36the picky one:

are you going to see Magic Mike?

11:58the picky one:

Michelle went last night

12:14the picky one:

I have seen the real thing--many times--- back in the day

12:29the picky one:

the fun of it was watching other women get danced on'

13:08the picky one:

I understand that WECT is going to cover the Patriotic Concert tomorrow night at Pine Valley Baptist church

13:32the picky one:

I am finally going to get to go because I would n't go before since it was outside in the heat and downtown with no parking

13:48the picky one:

so I understand

14:05Karen C.:

hey Ash and picky.

14:07the picky one:

it is usually downtown on the riverfront

14:33Karen C.:

been awhile!

14:45the picky one:

where have you been?

15:04Karen C.:

mobile buser.

15:15the picky one:

what does that mean?

15:30Karen C.:

i keep forgetting! Ashlea needs to send out more reminders for us old farts!

15:40Karen C.:

she was walking with it.

16:07Karen C.:

but of course!

16:09the picky one:

oh--that would be me!

16:42Karen C.:

Linda, right?

17:14Karen C.:

what part of the world are you in?

17:27the picky one:

I AM an old fart, so please remind me where you are, too--I am in Wilmington

17:46Karen C.:

south of the Junction.

18:18the picky one:

towards Carolina Beach, right?

18:41Karen C.:

towards, yep.

18:47the picky one:

I am in Crestwood, and that is next to Kings Grant

19:15Karen C.:

dang! opposite side of the world!

19:30the picky one:

that is the truth!

19:48Karen C.:

don't worry about us. we've been chatting it up.

19:53the picky one:

it is so cool to be watching TV (what you have already taped)

20:50matt headley:

doing some editing, hello

20:53the picky one:

but it is very confusing (especially for us old farts!)

21:04the picky one:

Hi, Matt! been a while!

21:08Karen C.:

is Eric still in Kirkwood? used to see him walking his dog.

21:54the picky one:

thanks! to patriotic songs?

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